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Lamb stew: a great classic

Lamb stew is a great classic of French cuisine, made with lamb and fresh vegetables, it is both tasty and fragrant Ingredients for 6 people: 2 kg of lamb: collar and shoulder 6 small turnips 1 large onion 6 new onions 6 small carrots 300 g green beans 200 g green peas A few bay leaves sauce 3 cloves of garlic Olive oil 50 cl chicken broth 20 cl white wine 3 tablespoons tomato paste (or 2 tomatoes) 1 tablespoon flour 1 bouquet garni Salt, pepper Lamb stew recipe The success of the lamb stew recipe lies above all in the cooking, the meat first, and then the vegetables.
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The city garden

Here is how to grow the California Iris, a superb variety of Iris. Exposure, watering, division, transplantation and mistakes to avoid, here is ...
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Plants and Health

Coqueret: plant with multiple medicinal virtues

A virtuous plant native to Peru, Bolivia and Colombia, the cockroach grows not far from homes, in gardens and even in altitudes up to 3200 meters, where it multiplies easily. It also grows in rich soils and abounds in southern and western Quebec. Known as two distinct species (Physalis alkekengi and Physalis heterophylla), this plant is found in temperate, subtropical and tropical regions, and has various medicinal and gastronomic properties.
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Pruning large-flowered roses, tea hybrid

Pruning large-flowered roses, also called hybrid tea, is an important step because it conditions the flowering of the rosebush.Here are our tips for pruning your large-flowered rosebush.Read also: size of all roses Large Flowers, Hybrid Tea The best time to prune this type of rose is late winter or early spring.
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Trees and shrubs

Lomatia tinctoria: very original

Lomatia tinctoria is a superb evergreen shrub that flowers in summer. Easy to maintain, here are the tips, from planting to flowering.In summary, what you need to know: Name: Lomatia tinctoriaFamily: ProteaceaeType: Evergreen shrubHeight: 2 m Exposure: Sunny Soil: Well drained, acidicFoliage: Persistent - Flowering: Planting lomatia tinctoria Planting lomatia tinctoria is an important step that will condition the proper development of your shrub and the abundance of flowering.
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