Duck breasts with spices, glazed turnip puree

Duck breasts with spices, glazed turnip puree

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Deliciously scented, this recipe of duck breasts with spices and its glazed turnip purée is a treat.

Ingredients for 4 persons :

  • 2 duck breasts
  • 2 g of coriander
  • 10 grains of pepper green
  • 2 g of cardamom
  • 3 grains of juniper
  • 3 tbsp. tablespoon of balsamic vinegar
  • 40g butter

For the glazed turnip puree:

  • 8 big turnips
  • 2 oranges for juice
  • 2 tbsp. tablespoon of sugar
  • 90 g butter
  • 20 cl of white stock (or broth)
  • 3 tbsp. tablespoon of balsamic vinegar
  • Salt, freshly ground pepper

Duck breasts with spices, glazed turnip puree

For the glazed turnip puree:

- Peel and wash the turnips. Immerse them for 4 to 5 minutes in boiling water. Drain and cut them into pieces.

- Wash the skin of an orange, remove the zest. Squeeze the oranges and collect their juice.

- In a sauté pan, place the sugar, butter and orange zest. Bring to a boil until a caramel color appears. Remove the zest, add the turnips, coat them with caramel. Pour in the orange juice, white stock and vinegar. Bring to a boil and simmer until the liquid has completely evaporated (the turnips should be tender). Reduce to a puree.

- Using a knife, incise the skin of the duck breasts in crosses.

- Roast and mix the spices, season the duck breasts.

- Heat (without adding fat) a non-stick pan, place the duck breasts (skin side down first). Cook them according to the desired cooking supplement. Remove the breasts, keep them warm wrapped in aluminum foil.

- Degrease the cooking pan. Deglaze with balsamic vinegar. Reduce slightly. Strain and gradually incorporate the very cold butter in pieces.

- Arrange a quenelle of turnip puree on each plate, arrange the duck breast cut into slices and cover with the sauce.


When degreasing, recover the duck fat and keep it. It is an excellent alternative to butter and oils, especially for browning vegetables or potatoes to which it will add a delicious flavor.

Recipe: A. Beauvais, Photo: F. Hamel

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