Green plants in winter

Green plants in winter

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In winter, conditions change, even at home: your green plants require extra attention.

The days are getting shorter, the sun is showing less: in winter the light goes down, and what can have an impact on our morale also has an impact on houseplants!

Those that are most sensitive to it are flowering plants and plants with colored or variegated foliage.

If their leaves are starting to turn yellow, then there is a lack of light.

Best winter exposure

To remedy this, install your plants near a window or reflective white wall so that they can make the most of the daylight.

If you can't move them, a mirror facing the window will do.

After dark, lighting is also important, as most plants need 12 hours of light per day.


Indispensable humidity

Leaves that turn yellow, flowers that fall: when the drop in light is not to blame, it is lack of humidity that can be felt! Electric heating, which dries up the air, is a real nuisance for houseplants.

Limit its ravages by grouping them together in the same place, away from radiators, and in them spraying regularly with rainwater to create a moisture "bubble".

You can also put their pot on a saucer covered with clay balls and water : As it evaporates, it will humidify the atmosphere. All in all, know that the ideal temperature for plants in winter is 18 °: all you have to do is put on a sweater!

If you have some cacti, spend the winter in a cold (10-15 °), well-lit room. In spring, you will bring them back to the living rooms to make them bloom.

Winter watering

Regarding thewatering, beware of excess! If the leaves are turning brown or soggy, you are overwatering, and root rot is not far away ...

Plants are vegetative in winter, so they need little water.

One watering per week is sufficient for most, those with a hard trunk or stem (ficus, palm, yucca...) will be satisfied with a little water every 10 to 15 days.

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