Rhubarb jam: it's so good!

Rhubarb jam: it's so good!

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Jam smart with products from your garden, why not a rhubarb jam!

The rhubarb is an original product perfectly suited to making good jams.

Let us rely on the skill of our grandmothers to form the basic foundation of rhubarb jam.

Ingredients for the rhubarb jam:

  • 1 kilo of rhubarb
    Do it push yourself it’s even better!
  • 800 g granulated sugar

Rhubarb jam recipe

Cut the large leaves to keep only the petioles (rhubarb sticks)

Save the leaves to make rhubarb manure

  • Thoroughly clean the petioles.
  • Jealously guard the pink base of the freshly picked petioles.

Picked in the spring, it is not necessary to remove the threads, but picked in summer, it will be preferable according to taste to peel it and remove the threads by pulling them

  • Cut the whole into small pieces.
  • Cover with sugar and mix, allowing time to macerate for an hour or two.


Collect the juice from the maceration and, over high heat, reduce it by 40 to 50%.
This will make it even easier to take your jam.

  • Then put on the heat and gradually bring to a boil while stirring to avoid sticking to the bottom.

We can add to choice, before final cooking:

  • A sachet of vanilla sugar or a vanilla pod previously cut into small cubes.
  • A pinch ofcinnamon.
  • Slivered almonds or almond powder.
  • The juice of one lemon.
  • A few mint leaves.
  • Pieces of strawberries

Rhubarb jam cooking time

Rhubarb is cooked when the mixture becomes smooth and its color turns pink. Cooking time is generally around 30 minutes

  • Put in jars, close them immediately and store them away from light
  • If your jars are without a lid, you can also wait for them to cool, pour in melted paraffin and then cover them with a small square of decorated fabric that you will hold with a rubber band.

In any case, your jars of jam will remind you of your grandmother's gourmet and abundantly stocked cupboards and will remind your children that you really are a clever cook!

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