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Mahonia: superb in winter

Mahonia: superb in winter

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Mahonia is a decorative shrub in winter, serious with its pretty pretty yellow bloom.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Mahonia
Family : Berberidaceae
Type : Shrub
Height : 1 to 2 m

: Sunny to shade
Ground : Ordinary

Foliage : Persistent -Flowering : January to April

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Maintenance, from planting to pruning, ensures good growth and flowering.

Mahonia plantation

Plant your mahonia in autumn or in spring but avoiding periods of frost and strong heat.

If you have to plant in the sun avoid places that are too hot or prefer a light shade.

  • Sunshine is not necessary, it tolerates shade well
  • He likes cool soils rich in humus
  • Check out our tips for planting shrubs.

Multiplication of mahonia:

Whether by sowing, cuttings or dividing suckers, mahonia does not lack technique to multiply it.

However, it turns out that cutting and dividing are the easiest and fastest methods.

The mahonia cuttings is done at the end of summer on semi-hardwood.

  • Take cuttings from year-old shoots.
  • Remove the bottom leaves to keep only one or two floors in mind.
  • Dip the base in a cutting hormone powder (optional but recommended step)
  • Place your cuttings in special cutting potting soil, ideally under shelter but without direct sunlight.

The sucker division takes place in the spring.

  • You can replant the suckers in place in a mixture of potting soil and soil from the garden.
  • You can also put them in pots before putting them in the ground in the fall.

Pruning and caring for mahonia

No pruning is really essential, but it can be useful for densifying the foliage or revitalizing your mahonia.

If you want reduce or reshape the branches,

  • Prune the mahoniaafter flowering period.
  • Do not cut more than 1/3 the length of the branches.
  • Remove dead or diseased branches.

Watering the mahonia:

Thewatering must be regular but limited the first year, especially if it was planted in the spring.

Then it is advisable to water in case of hot weather or prolonged drought

In summer, straw the base of the shrub in order to maintain a certain humidity and also to prevent the growth of weeds.

To know about mahonia

Native to Asia or North America, mahonias have more than 70 species including aquifolium, bealii, media hybrids, japonica, lomariifolia and wagneri.

The name of"Mahonia" was awarded in honor of the American botanist Bernard Mc Mahon.
The French name of this shrub is officially a mahonie.

The spectacular flowering of mahonia makes it one of rare shrubs to offer such floral bouquets during winter.

Aspect very decorative, this shrub with spicy and leathery foliage will seduce you all year round.

You can even cultivate dwarf varieties of potted mahonia on a terrace or balcony.

The mahonia is not afraid of cold or frost since it withstands temperatures down to -20 °.

Smart tip

Plant at the foot of the tree daffodils, daffodils or some tulips to create beautiful spots of winter colors.

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