Fall work reminder

Fall work reminder

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The days are getting shorter and the frosts will soon arrive… A little reminder of the work to be done before the temperatures drop.

In the garden, in the vegetable patch and in the orchard.

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In the ornamental garden

"At St Michel, the heat rises to the sky". Translation: from the end of September you can return the geraniums and protect the frost-free flowers. Straw or use plastic films to do this, according to your more or less green convictions. Finish picking flowers to make dry bouquets. Those ofhydrangeas for example: once cut, they will be sprayed with hairspray to improve their preservation.

If you want to move your overgrown roses, now is the time. Prepare the soil well because their roots need loose, rich soil to develop quickly. Choose a location that is sunny and sheltered from drafts.

You can also plant the spring flowering bulbs (tulips, crocus, hyacinths, daffodils, etc). Do not push them in more than twice the diameter of the bulb. Get a special bulb dibber rather than a conical vegetable dibble which will leave an air bubble underneath. Tear them off summer flowering bulbs and keep them in a metal box after having dried and sulfurized.

If you have time, mow your lawn one last time and remove any dead leaves. Spread compost on the site of the future beds. Prune the conifer hedges one last time or replace them with mixed hedges that change more with the seasons.

If you have a pond, remove any dead leaves and cover it with a net. If you have fish, put a bundle or an old balloon in the water to allow good oxygenation if it freezes. When the cold sets in, think about feed the birds with fat and oil seeds: rapeseed, sunflower, millet, etc.

In the gourmet garden

Start picking the autumn fruits (pears, apples…) On a very sunny day. Store them in a dark, well-ventilated room. After the harvest, collect the dead leaves and the mummified or rotten fruit to burn them. Do not put them in the compost. Do some plantations of new fruit varieties disease resistant.

In the vegetable garden, finish picking and freeze those that allow it. Fertilize the soil for the next season or incorporate a green manure.

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