Garden flowers

Flower your garden in autumn and winter

Flower your garden in autumn and winter

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At a time when the vegetation is at rest and when snow sometimes replaces the pretty green carpet formed by the lawn, it is often thought that no flower can come and shake up this apparent tranquility.

However, some perennials have the great peculiarity of blooming and brightening up winter!

They make your garden, your terrace or your balcony a wonderful flowery space to spend the end of the year celebrations!

Find the most beautiful flowers to bloom in your garden in winter.

Flower your garden in winter

By flowering your containers, planters or flower beds, you will give a whole new appeal to your gardening space.

Amidst the soon-to-be-lit candles to mark the arrival of the holiday season, beautiful flowers will adorn your garden or window sills.

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Among the most beautiful flowers to flower your garden in winter

The hellebores is adorned with very beautiful flowers in subtle tones mixing white and pink.

They are very cold hardy and, if they are called Christmas Rose, it is because they will (theoretically) be in bloom during this long awaited period.



The Heather, whose name of the winter-flowering species is "winter heather", will enchant you!

Its small bells, pink, mauve or white will beautifully adorn your planters, pots and flower beds.


Primroses in the gardens alone form a festival of colors!

Annuals or perennials, the former are much more floriferous, while the perennials will have the advantage of flowering from one year to the next.



Pansies and violas brighten up the garden from early winter until spring.

They are almost essential because they adapt as well to planters and pots as to the beds of your garden.


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