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Swab Grass

Swab Grass

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Swab grass is one of the most popular grasses.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Oriental pennisetum
Family : Poaceae
Type : Perennial, grass

: 70 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

: Obsolete
Flowering : July to October

The maintenance is easy and the flowering is extremely beautiful from summer to fall.

Planting swab grass

Preferably in spring.

You can nevertheless plant in fall and summer but avoid periods of strong heat or frost which could compromise the development of your plant.

  • Multiplication by division of the clump in spring every 3 years

Pruning and caring for swab grass

Cut dry leaves short at the end of winter.

  • This makes it possible to even reappear new shoots and especially beautiful floral spikes.

Good to know about swab grass

Swab grass is original with its caterpillar-shaped bloom.

This grass offers beautiful spike-shaped inflorescences and pretty, soft green foliage that changes with the seasons to take on the appearance of ears of wheat in the fall.

You will preferably install it in the sun to decorate beds, borders or embankments.

Smart tip about swab grass

A mulch of mineral origin brings out the beautiful foliage and prevents the growth of weeds.

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