How to keep your animal?

 How to keep your animal?

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Hospitalization, business travel, the birth of a child or going on vacation are all situations that can lead to having your pet looked after.

Depending on its species and character, certain types of childcare will be more appropriate.

Here are some tips to help you make your choice.

Have your animal looked after by a professional:

The kennel

The kennel remains the most classic means of guarding a dog. Each has an individual box with a small outdoor space to relax.

  • Your animal must be up to date with its vaccines (rabies and cough from the kennel compulsory).
  • Usually, your pet is offered a premium feed to simplify the organization of meals, as kennels accommodate a large number of residents.
  • The price of a day of care is between 12 and 19 euros depending on the size of your dog. There are great disparities depending on the region where you live and the period of care requested (high season, low season).
  • This is the only reasonable solution if you have a dominant dog, particularly barking or runaway.

The cattery

The cattery is the version of the kennel for cats. It offers spaces designed to meet their needs: box with different levels for climbing and fully screened outdoor areas with trees.

  • The cat must be up to date with its vaccines.
  • The average price for a day is 12 euros.

Animal boarding

This type of care is becoming more democratic and is appealing to owners who want to offer personalized care to their dog with interaction between congeners.

The family pension accommodates ten dogs. This small workforce allows you to take the time to take care of each dog while respecting their own pace and specific needs.

The big difference with the kennel is that the dogs evolve together (games, walks, sleeping ...). Generally, the person in charge of the pension arranges a room of his accommodation or an adjoining building (barn, garage) to accommodate dogs. It reserves an enclosed and secure outdoor place for them (no poisonous plants, badly trimmed branches, fragile fences, etc.). Some offer a walk outside each day to relax and stimulate the residents.

  • The price per day is between 12 euros and 25 euros.
  • Your dog must be up to date with his vaccines. You will need to bring food and bedding.
  • This type of care is perfect for a sociable and balanced dog. It quickly allows a climate of trust to be established between the master and the caretaker, who gladly gives news of the resident.

Home care

If you have a cat, the best solution is to hire a professional who will come to your home. The cat does not cope with being moved, it is a territorial animal.

  • Meet with the professional to explain your expectations and give him as much information as possible about your cat's personality.
  • Often, the professional will agree to collect your mail, ventilate your home and water your plants. This is a great alternative to ward off burglars.
  • You can use this service if you have animals that are difficult to move, such as chickens.
  • The cost of the service depends on the number of passages you want (between 15 and 20 euros per visit).

Did you know ?

A professional has taken training to settle down. Its activity is declared to the prefecture and to the DSV (veterinary health department).

You don't improvise as animal keeper. It is a responsibility that requires a clear head, composure, responsiveness and empathy for animals and their owners. The professional will have to present you with a certificate of competence, a SIREN number, civil liability insurance if you ask. A contract must be signed between the two parties.

He has an obligation to take care of your animal (hygiene, visit to the veterinarian, medication, first aid, hugs, etc.). He should know how to give you advice on your pet's education and behavior.

Foster family for animals

Under the guise of an association, you are put in touch with a foster family for the care of your dog.

Although supervised (insurance, advice, etc.), each member of the family is vague about their occupations. Everyone should provide good care, but no one is a professional.

  • The prices are higher than for another type of childcare (at least 20 euros per day), because you have to pay the association (plus an annual fee) and the host family.
  • You can ask to have your dog looked after by the same family so as not to destabilize him. In the event of leave, there is always a family available, which is the advantage.
  • This type of care is perfectly possible for a dominant dog that you do not want to keep in a kennel. It will suffice to specify that it must be the only animal present.
  • It is possible to keep NACs (rabbit, guinea pig, etc.), goldfish or birds in this way.

Remember to reserve a place for your animal as soon as you know the date of your absence. Pensions are quickly saturated, especially during summer periods. We must anticipate! You can not find any solution ... There may be a place available in a pension which is on the way to your vacation!

Home care during the holidays

You can hire a Pet Sitter at your home. The deal is to lend him your home for the holidays in exchange for good care for your companions.

This is particularly interesting if you have several animals of different species (chickens, parrot, goldfish, NAC, dog, cat, horses ...).

Specialized agencies (many sites on the Internet) put you in touch with interested people (often retirees).

The rates to be paid to the agency vary widely, it takes around a hundred euros for four days.

Custody exchanges between individuals

You can very well have your dog looked after by friends, family or individuals encountered during a walk (or other).

However, you will be responsible in the event of a problem (accident, bite, etc.) and you will have no recourse if something bad happens to your animal.

You will need to use your liability insurance.

Contact his breeder:

If you really haven't found a solution (full board, etc.), why not contact the person from whom you bought your animal?

Some breeders are delighted to see the animals they have raised with passion again.

Smart advice

  • Don't hesitate to meet the person who will look after your pet. Ask him questions, talk to him about your expectations and your anxieties. A competent professional must know how to listen.
  • It is highly recommended that you treat your dog or cat for ticks and fleas before keeping them.
  • In case of hospitalization, contact your insurance. Some cover the costs of childcare.


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