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Endive: benefits and virtues

Endive: benefits and virtues

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Endive is very popular in cooking, but also for its many health benefits and virtues.

TheCichorium belongs to the Asteraceae family, just like the lettuce and the dandelion.

It is also known by the common name of Chicory.

Endive can be enjoyed during fall and winter.

Many varieties exist, such as "Carla rouge", "Magnum", or "Alba".

Endive does not exist as such in the wild, it requires a place deprived of sun.

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Endive, for the record

It is completely by chance that the endive cultivation arrived in Belgium.

It was Mr Béziers, a peasant, who was at the origin of this discovery by serendipity. He hid the wild roots of the endive in his cellar under an earthen blanket, to avoid taxes. Sheltered from the light, it gave the endives. This discovery dates from the middle of the 19th century (1850). The Belgians called it Witloof, which in Flemish means: blank sheet.

This vegetable arrived in France about 20 years later under the name "Brussels endive".

Benefits and virtues of endive

Endive, a diuretic:

The endive is full of water (95%), it is a very good diuretic. It eliminates all toxins from your body. Endive is indicated as a treatment for cystitis or people who do not pass enough urine.

Endive, the friend of diets:

Endive only gives you 17 kcal / 100 g and 0.2 fat. This light vegetable is perfect for integrating low-calorie diets. In addition, it quickly gives a feeling of satiety.

Endive, good for digestion:

contains 2g of fiber / 100g. Its fibers improve digestion and regulate intestinal transit. Endives are easily digested.

It is ideal for lazy intestines.

Its slight bitter taste ensures the proper functioning of the gallbladder.

It is also benevolent for our liver, ensuring the production of gastric juices.

Endive, an anti-oxidant:

She is rich in anti-oxidants, which neutralize free radicals and protect the body against aging, the onset of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers.

It contains vitamin C (3.5 g / 100g of cooked endive), a treasure for our body. Vitamin C is involved in the body's defense, in the production of red blood cells, it helps fix iron and lowers the level of bad cholesterol, LDL.

Endive also contains smaller amounts of vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene, which fights against premature aging of cells.

It also provides vitamins from group B, involved in the metabolism and absorption of nutrients, wound healing and the central nervous system.

Endive contains manganese, which acts on the body's endocrine and exocrine glands, but also on the respiratory system and the nervous system.

Endive also brings potassium (185 mg / 100g). Mineral involved in the regulation of blood pressure. People with hypertension are recommended to eat endive.

Potassium mixed with sodium makes chicory very good purifier of the body and the urinary tract.

Endive also offers iron, against anemia and for the transport of oxygen, phosphorus, for bone and nerve cells, as well as calcium (23.2 mg / 100g), for healthy bones and muscles.

It is also one of the few vegetables that provides selenium, in interesting quantity (0.3 mg / 100g), trace element with antioxidant properties already demonstrated.

Endive in the kitchen

Endive adds a touch of crunch and bitterness to your plates.

We like to eat endive raw or cooked, steamed or braised, as well in salads as in gratin, or in puff pastry.

Low in calories, endive should be consumed without moderation during the winter. A good course of chicory after the holidays will be welcome, to purify the liver and restore a healthy diet.

Gourmet ideas with endives:

As an aperitif, garnish the raw endive leaves with tuna and fromage blanc or heavy cream. You can add some berries.

Also try mashed avocados.

An endive salad : Endives mixed with pieces of apples, raisins and some nuts, will delight lovers of sweet and savory.

In gratin, you will love the famous north endive gratin.

Braised, they go very well with goat cheese or Roquefort cheese and a touch of honey to sweeten it.

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To reduce the bitterness of endive you can lightly sweeten them with brown sugar during cooking.

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Smart tip

"Have an endive complexion", far from being a compliment, this expression means having a pale, wan complexion.

Storage of endive: Endive is a fragile vegetable, which can be stored away from light in a cool place.

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