Bouquet of tulips: a season that lasts from December to May

Bouquet of tulips: a season that lasts from December to May

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And yes, the tulip season is in full swing! From December to May, we will take advantage of these colorful messengers of spring.

So use flowers in your decoration, at Christmas for example. Flowers have a calming effect during the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

A new start

The season of tulips starts in December. Until May, there is a bunch of bright colors on the table in almost every home.

We all do it because tulips symbolize a new beginning: spring.

We can't wait for spring to begin: a bouquet of tulips at home already makes us all happy.

Consume local

Do you like local products? Just like with local edible products, you can buy locally grown tulips.

Over 1 billion tulips are produced locally. They are all fresh, of high quality, and you are also contributing to the local economy.

Flower power

Flowers have the power to relax and make you feel good. Do not hesitate to bring a lot of flowers into the house like tulips, hyacinths, grape hyacinth and anemones.

Pure white is of course the color code.

Expand the color palette with pastel, delicate tones paired with soothing natural hues and pink accents.

Decorative tulips at Christmas

Instead of Christmas balls, tulips and hyacinths are a perfect alternative to create a relaxed atmosphere.

You can do this by hanging small vases and filling them with water as a decoration on the Christmas tree.

Put the remaining woodpecker in a vase with tulips, anemones and polianthus. This will create a real Christmas atmosphere at home, without unwanted stimuli.

Good to know

  • Did you know that the best-selling color is the yellow tulip? The “Strong Gold” yellow tulip is the most popular.
  • Did you buy tulips, but the stems are softening? Roll them up in a newspaper and put them in water for a few hours. Then take them out of the newspaper and you will see them stand up straight again.
  • Do you want to put tulips and daffodils together in a vase? Put them daffodils first several hours in a vase for the mucus on their stems to disappear. Then you can put them together.
  • The tulip owes its name to the turban. At the very beginning, the tulip was called Tulipa, which means turban.

Create a Christmas atmosphere at home to retire and rest.

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