Eucryphia: planting, pruning and advice on caring for it

Eucryphia: planting, pruning and advice on caring for it

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A remarkable tree with a slender habit, theEucryphiais also distinguished by its magnificent immaculate white flowering and very fragrant.

TheEucryphiaIn summary :

Latin name : Eucryphia
Family : Cunoniaceae
Type : Tree

Height : From 10 to 40 m depending on species
Width : From 2 to 3 m
Exposure : Sun to partial shade
Ground : Non-calcareous, cool and well drained

Hardiness : -7 ° C to -15 ° C
Flowering : Summer
Foliage : Persistent (alone Eucryphia glutinosais obsolete)


Where to plant theEucryphia ?

Native to Chile, Argentina and Tasmania,Eucryphiais a tree that requires certain conditions to flourish. He thus appreciates the mild and humid climates found on the Atlantic coast, Brittany and the English Channel.

So choose a space luminous, sheltered from wind and coldand one non-calcareous soil.

When to plantEucryphia ?

Planting must take place preferably autumn. The roots can then begin to develop and are more resistant to a possible drought the following summer.
A plantation at springis possible. However, the young plant will be more sensitive to lack of water.

How to plant theEucryphia ?

  1. Dig a holeof good size, ensuring that it is quite deepto facilitate root development.
  2. Amend your soilby adding manure,even some compost,and mix it with the earth. If your soil holds too much water, lighten it by adding sand and gravel to improve drainage.
  3. Install your tree in the hole and fill it up. Perform a generous first watering.
  4. If you feel it is necessary, set up a stake to help the tree take root.

advice : to keep the humidity at the foot of your Eucryphia, you can apply a mulch such as pine bark. They will also have the advantage ofacidify the soil.

Maintenance of theEucryphia

As an adult, theEucryphiadoes not require special maintenance. On the other hand, during the first years of establishment, a few simple actions will allow the young subjectto grow in good conditions:

  • In summer, if the heat becomes too much or if the ground starts to become dry, water regularly, but not excessively. You can also apply mulch around the foot to limit evaporation and retain moisture.
  • In the fall, spread compost or manureand bury it, scratching the surface lightly. This will provide the nutrients necessary for good tree growth and aerate the soil at the same time.
  • In winter, theEucryphiafearing extreme cold, during the first years of growth, protect the leaves with a winter cover if severe frosts are expected.

Size of eucryphia

Even if he'Eucryphiatolerates pruning well, it is not a requirement.

The few cases where it may be necessary are: shaping the tree and removing awkward, unsightly or dead branches.

Multiplication ofEucryphia

MultiplytheEucryphiacan be done three ways : sowing, layering, cuttings.

Sowing is a long and difficult process. It is indeed necessary to wait 2 to 3 years after germination before being able to plant them in the ground.

Air layering can work, but is complex in its practice, without guaranteeing results.

Eucryphia cutting

The best way to get new topics is to cuttingsin July-August. For it,

  • Select a young, semi-woody, straight branch of 8 to 10 cm.
  • Cut it off at an angle just below one eye and peel the leaves off the base, leaving only two or three at the top.
  • Then brush the bare part with multiplication hormone powder and plant it loosely in a mixture of equal parts garden soil, sand and peat (or heather soil).
  • All that remains is to control the watering and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. In winter, beware of frost.

The roots develop between one to six months. You will then see young shoots appear. The following year, you can transplant the subject to a larger pot until you can put it in the ground.

Trick : Before planting your cutting stem, first make a hole with a small stick. This way, when inserting the cutting, the hormone powder will not stay on the surface.

Diseases of eucryphia

TheEucryphiais not prone to disease, nor susceptible to pests.


To fully enjoy its majestic allure, it is best to plant a Eucryphiawithout the competition of another remarkable tree (lime, chestnut, plane tree, etc.).

You can possibly arrange at its foot a shrub and / or floral massif supporting the shade in order to enhance it a little more.

Some species and varieties

  • Eucryphia cordifolia: can peak up to 40 m high.
  • Eucryphia glutinosa: called in Chile "Guindo Santo" (sacred cherry), its adult size is about 10 m, it is the only deciduous to semi-evergreen variety. It also tolerates dry soils.
  • Eucryphia lucida: can reach 20 m in height. The cultivars 'Ballerina' and 'Pink Cloud' produce pink flowers.

Smart tip

If beekeeping tempts you, know that Eucryphiagive very fragrant and rich in flavor honeys.

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