Oleander in winter, our wintering tips

Oleander in winter, our wintering tips

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The oleander is a beautiful Mediterranean plant that resists cold but does not tolerate frost when temperatures drop below -7 °.

If you live in an area that fears severe frosts, opt for potted oleander, which will protect you from frost in winter.

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Hardiness of oleander

Growing oleander in the ground is only possible in areas with mild winters, where temperatures never drop below -7 °.

The hardiness of oleander is medium, which should lead you to grow it in a pot if necessary.

Oleander in winter

The culture of oleander in the open ground is only possible around the Mediterranean or south of the Loire under certain conditions.

  • Make sure your oleander is sheltered from strong winds in winter.
  • Mulch the stems of your oleanders to protect the roots.

Oleander in a pot in winter:

If your area is used to severe frosts, growing oleander in pots is essential in winter.

  • Shelter your oleanders from the frost, in a bright room, cool but where it does not freeze.
  • An unheated greenhouse is the perfect solution for potted oleander in winter.

Oleander and wintering veil:

If you can't tuck your oleander into a cool, bright room, you can also cover it with a wintering veil.

  • If it's in a pot, wrap the pot with a good cover to protect the roots.
  • Cover the oleander with a wintering veil, limiting the contact of the leaves with the veil as much as possible.
  • The proximity of the house and the full sun will bring more essential heat.

Burnt leaves or chestnuts after winter

It is quite possible that your oleander has suffered through winter without being doomed.

  • The frost may have burned a few leaves without touching the branches or roots.
  • Remove damaged leaves in spring
  • Cut dead branches short after frost.

Smart tip about oleander in winter

Whether in the ground or in a pot, if your oleander has to stay outside in winter, favor places with plenty of sun and shelter from the wind.

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