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Common acacia: planting, caring for, pruning

Common acacia: planting, caring for, pruning

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Acacia is a very beautiful ornamental tree that can grow very tall.

Last name : Acacia
Family : Fabaceae or Robineae
category: Ornamental tree

: 10 to 20m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : All types

Cut : Not necessary
Foliage : Obsolete
Flowering : may June

To avoid
: Planting Acacias in excessively calcareous soils

Planting, maintenance, and pruning should help your acacia grow well.

Planting common acacia

Find all our advice for planting your Acacia properly on our sheet planting

  • ROBINIA pseudoacacia likes particularly sunny situations.
  • It enjoys being sheltered from the wind, especially when it is in flower.
  • It is particularly resistant to drought.

Adding a potting mix to your garden soil at planting will promote the recovery and growth of Robinia pseudoacacia.

Maintenance of ROBINIA pseudoacacia

Overall, it does not require any care when properly installed. It is a very easy to maintain tree.

We can remove the rejections (sometimes numerous) as we go.

Watering side:

The first year after planting, regular watering can be done to facilitate rooting.

Then, there is no need to water because the common acacia is not at all afraid of drought.

Acacia pruning

Robinia pseudoacacia pruning is not necessary.

If you need to balance or cut back the branches, wait until the winter period, ideally the end of winter.

Apart from that, remove the dead and fragile branches as you go.

To know about the common acacia

The acacia is part of the fabaceae family or legumes. It is a very strong tree that shows a very long lifespan.

Called Robinia, faux acacia or acacia, this tree, native to America, is quite famous for its regular leaves, quite long and divided into oval leaflets.

Its flowers, depending on the species, range from white to pink and grow in particularly fragrant clusters, to the delight of the bees, who make honey with astonishing transparency and which remains liquid.

Use of black locust

Very resistant to cold and drought, the acacia is used to "vegetate" poor soils.

It also helps fix nitrogen while at the same time improving the quality of the soil in which it was planted.

Smart tip about acacia

It is a tree with thorny branches and an ovoid crown that is used particularly for planting on slopes or in rows.

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