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Begonia, classic and modern at the same time

Begonia, classic and modern at the same time

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Comfortable indoors and outdoors, the begonia is a very decorative classic flowering plant. But it also knows how to innovate with hybrids like the perennial begonia.

Semperflorens, or annual begonia, is the best known in its category: it flowers profusely from January to December (yes, all year round!) and does very well in flower beds in the garden.

Indoors, it is interesting for its depolluting properties. Begonia appreciates bright light but without direct sun, especially between March and October, otherwise its leaves will burn. Moderate watering is best to avoid stagnant moisture: an average of two waterings per week is recommended.

Be careful also with children and pets: begonias are poisonous plants, especially their roots. Also handle them with gloves.

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Begonia, a big family

Originally from South America and the West Indies, the begonia comes in dozens of species and hybrids, with flowers of all colors and green, purple or variegated foliage.

Some are flowering begonias, they can flower all year round; others are begonias with ornamental foliage, they bloom in spring and summer.

Try for example perennial begonias like the Maculata, Madame Evans' begonia (hardy down to -18 ° C instead of -5 ° C for the annual) or begonia grandiflora, with large double flowers measuring 6 cm.


Did you know this about begonia?

The begonia is the national symbol of North Korea where it embodies peace, justice and love. In India and the Himalayas, this flower is considered to be related to the solar plexus and root plexus chakras, two pillars of life energy capable of bringing calm and serenity into existence.

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