Romanesco cabbage: soft and decorative

Romanesco cabbage: soft and decorative

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Romanesco cabbage is a vegetable from Italy that is appreciated for its taste and its decorative side.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Brassica oleraceavar. botrytis
Family : Brassicaceae
Type : Vegetable, biennial

Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Fresh, deep and moist and rich

: June to November

Maintenance, from sowing or planting to harvest, will help you have beautiful Romanesco cabbages. (Photo: © shustrilka)

Romanesco cabbage seedlings

The best time to start growing Romanesco cabbage is from the beginning of the spring until beginning of summer. By spreading out the seedlings, you will also spread out the crops to come.

But given the climate, it is better to grow Romanesco cabbage in the summer for a fall harvest.

Sowing Romanesco cabbage:

The cultivation of Romanesco cabbage is quite slow since it lasts almost 7 months between sowing and harvest.

  • Sow in the month of March April under cover for an autumn harvest
  • You can also start sowing in February, in a warm place.
  • Sow in May to July directly in the ground for a harvest in winter if the cabbages are protected from November

Planting Romanesco cabbage:

Romanesco cabbage is planted just after the last frost, around mid-May, until September for a harvest in November.

  • Romanesco cabbage appreciates rich soils, but also well-drained, it dreads excess moisture.
  • He enjoys the sun.
  • Plant Romanesco cabbage in good garden soil, ideally enriched with nitrogen manure
  • Space each plant 60 to 80 cm in all directions

Caring for Romanesco cabbage

As soon as the plants have minimum 3 to 4 sheets, transplant directly in place while protecting your crop if this is to be done before May.

  • Transplanting is done every 40 cm.
    This spacing is necessary to give the plants room to develop.
  • Transplant in a well plowed ground.

Watering Romanesco cabbage:

Romanesco cabbage is water-hungry and must be watered, especially in drought conditions.

  • Water regularly but moderately to maintain good humidity.
  • Avoid watering the foliage to avoid fungus.
  • Good mulching helps maintain moisture in the soil
  • Good hoeing helps limit the number of waterings.
  • Watering in the evening limits evaporation.

Diseases of Romanesco cabbage

One of the main enemies of Romanesco cabbage remains mildew. Moisture is the main cause of the development of late blight.

  • Avoid watering the foliage of your Romanesco cabbages
  • Do not tighten the plants too much to ventilate the foliage as much as possible
  • Find our advice for fight against mildew

Pests that harm Romanesco cabbage:

The slugs and the snails but also theaphids and, of course, thecaterpillars.

For all these pests, avoid at all costs chemical treatments that may contaminate your vegetables and the soil in which they grow.

There is also, as with all the vegetables of the Brassicaceae family, the cabbage worm that can do damage.

Harvesting Romanesco cabbage

When and how to harvest Romanesco cabbage, the best period:

The harvest of Romanesco cabbage takes place when the middle cones are of sufficient size.

Harvesting takes place about 3 months after planting but this may vary depending on weather conditions.

Wait until the head is firm and pull or cut close to the ground because there will be no other harvest on this plant (Photo: © Mushy)

Harvest your last Romanesco cabbages before the first frosts or protect them from the cold.

Smart tip

Provide your cabbages with nutrients (fertilizer, manure compost and algae) to stimulate growth and above all to improve your harvest!

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