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Cytise: magnificent yellow clusters

Cytise: magnificent yellow clusters

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The laburnum is an incredibly floriferous, hardy and easy-care small tree or shrub.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Laburnum
Family : Fabaceae
Type : Tree

: 7 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

: Expired -Flowering : April to July

Ideal as a hedge, in a container or isolated, it has its place in all gardens for its great decorative power.

Planting laburnum

Planting laburnum is an important stage in the life of your shrub because it is this which will condition the proper development and flowering of your laburnum.

How to plant a laburnum:

Laburnum is planted indifferently, in spring or in autumn, but like all shrubs, we always prefer to plant in the fall for better rooting before winter and therefore better recovery in spring.

If you are planting in the spring, you will need to plan for regular watering the first year.

  • A sunny exposure allows for better flowering.
  • Laburnum also tolerates partial shade.
  • Follow our advice planting trees.

Cytise in a pot:

Laburnum adapts very well to cultivation in pots or containers.

  • Provide a pot of sufficient size.
  • Make sure the pot or tub is well drilled at the bottom for water drainage.
  • Place a bed of pebbles or clay balls at the bottom to facilitate drainage.

Sowing laburnum:

Sowing laburnum is fairly easy and is done with the seeds collected in the fall.

  • Sowing is best done in spring
  • Soak the seeds in water for 24 hours
  • Sow in good seedling soil
  • Keep the soil slightly moist
  • Set up in the fall

Pruning and maintenance of laburnum

No size is really essential, but if you want to reduce or balance the antlers,

  • Wait for the end of flowering to prune
  • Cut only green wood and especially not dry wood

The maintenance of the laburnum is very easy and consists only of remove dead wood As things progress.

If you have a potted laburnum, you should plan for regular watering, usually as soon as the soil is dry on the surface.

Adding a flowering shrub fertilizer in spring promotes flowering and proper development of laburnum.

Good to know about laburnum

The laburnum is a small tree whose flowering is remarkable thanks to its beautiful bunches flowers.

The yellow flowers of gold form pretty hanging and fragrant clusters, such could be a yellow wisteria.

Featured growth is rapid which makes it an ideal hedge shrub for quick hiding.

You can set it up as an isolated, in a free hedge or in a row.

The culture of laburnum in pot or container is quite possible provided that a container of sufficient size is provided.

Smart tip

This tree is susceptible to caterpillar attacks. It is therefore important to burn the affected leaves if this is the case.

Don't let anyone ingest the seeds of laburnum because they are toxic like all parts of the tree elsewhere.

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The laburnum is vulnerable to attack by caterpillars.

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